1910 Prose Literature for Secondary Schools
1914 Modern Short Stories
1914 Modern Prose and Poetry for Secondary Schools
1914 The Study and Process of Teaching Writing

Isabel Carleton Series
(1916-1920) Reissued August 1927, November 1930, and September 1934
1916 Isabel Carleton’s Year
1917 Heart of Isabel Carleton
1918 Isabel Carleton’s Friends
1919 Isabel Carleton in the West
1920 Isabel Carleton at Home


1918 Stephen’s Last Chance
1920 Marion Frear’s Summer
1921 Topless Towers: A Romance of Morningside Heights
1922 Support
1922 Including Mother
1924 The Lake
1925 No School Tomorrow (Reprinted Dec. 1931, 1937)
1926 School Keeps Today
1926 Brenda Stays at Home (Reprinted Dec. 1926, June 1931, Sept. 1935, May 1938)
1927 Mother’s Away
1927 Pa: The Head of the Family
1929 David and the Bear Man
1930 Susie Sugarbeet

Historical Research

1931 The Singing Swan: An Account of Anna Seward and Her Acquaintance with Dr. Johnson, Boswell, and Others of Their Time

Thanks to Connie J. Haack-Hurlbut’s research and collections, including,


Margaret Ashmun
Author Portrait

“The Lake: A Central Wisconsin Author’s Use of Water Images” Master’s thesis, ©1989, University of Wisconsin, Steven’s Point

“Novelist as Teacher: Narrative Inquiry of the Isabel Carleton Series, a College Novel Bildungsroman by Margaret Ashmun (born 1875)” Doctoral dissertation,  University of Wisconsin at Madison, ©1999, 349 pgs